The Comic

“Goliath Fallen” is a disaster sci-fi graphic novel set in the distant future, following the story of the last survivors left aboard the ill-fated generation starship of the same name, stranded and un-communicated millions of miles deep into space.

The comic is 100% independent, written and illustrated by A.C Louis, and fully supported by its loyal readers. Updates go live once pages are ready, usually one or two times a week, with a bi-weekly break between chapters for editorial-related tasks (chapter planning, script polishing, etc.)

The Story

In the near future, humanity’s constant abuse finally renders our planet into an inhospitable wasteland. Not much time goes by before we stand on the brink of extinction — the damage done to our home can no longer be undone. With all options exhausted, the governments of the Earth join forces in one last stroke for survival: to send the last remains of the human race in a one-way trip to the stars, destined to wander space with hopes of them someday finding a new place to call ‘home.’

Three massive generation spaceships are built: Destiny, Valhalla, and Goliath, each one fully suited to sustain human life for as long as the mission might take. Many are left behind as the fleet departs from Earth with only a few thousand people aboard.

Years go by, piling up on top of the other into decades, and then centuries. The dream of finding a second home shrinks more and more as new generations of explorers are born aboard the starships, and the previous ones pass away taking their legacy with them. The place humans once called Earth quickly becomes condemned to the history books. But finally, after traveling millions and millions of miles for over two centuries, and having reached the Alpha Centauri system, a light of hope breaks through the black, silent void of space: a distress signal from an unknown source — a sign that, after all, we might not be alone in the universe.

Now, the only thing left to do is to find out if that can at last lead humanity to safe harbor, or, somehow, to its long-delayed demise.

The Author

A.C Louis is a science fiction writer from a far, far away land where the sun never sets—or as the locals like to call it: Costa Rica. Aside from working hard in his scribbles, he has a full-time job as a Software Engineer. An avid reader since an early age, A.C one day realized he also had stories to tell and worlds to describe, so he started writing and hasn't stopped ever since. His hobbies include gaming, movies, pizza, and an utter obsession with LEGO that always manage to put his monthly budget to a test.