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Sunday Morning

Welcome to the first update out on a Sunday! :D Three pages a week, whaaa—? I know, right? But hey! I'm really struggling here, so please don't take this schedule as written on stone. Anyways, for this update we have a full cast! Yeah, these are the four protagonists of our first chapter. I know Casper comes out as being quite intense, and it's because he is until he stumbles with people like Annie, the tough-ass captain of the ship. You don't mess with her, seriously. Oh, her face might also be familiar to you. If not, check out Page 1.

Okay, I just need to vent this out: this page was a bitch to ink, even if there are a couple of repeated panels. Took me a whole day to get it done! Can't imagine how much it will take me to draw stuff with far more elaborate backgrounds. Again, my fault for cramping ten panels in a single page. I don't see that going in a different direction in the future, though. Heh… See you in a few days!

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