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Alright, here we go! Welcome to the first page of my first graphic novel ever. This is a huuuuge project for me, and I really hope you enjoy it and stick along on this trip.

So, we start off with a short epilogue, following along a mysterious character as she explores an abandoned apartment in some sort of trashed city. Who is this person, you ask? Who's that couple on that picture at the start? Who's that talking in the recording? Well, I promise you'll get answers when the time is right. :)

About the update schedule, it's nothing too strict. I like to take my time making these pages, ensuring the best quality possible. That's usually two days work at the minimum, so you can expect at least two pages a week. (If the wait is too much, blame my day job, lol.)

Anyways, that's all for now. See you in the next page. :D

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