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And So We Begin

So, the epilogue is done, and we're at the very beginning of our story! Woah, wait, but what the heck is going on here? Chaos! That's what's going on. Our characters (still unnamed) have got themselves into a very tight situation and they're now struggling for their lives. For the rest of the chapter, we'll be finding out how did they got here, and more importantly, why.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER PAGES? AGH! Alright, this comic have been around for a month or so, and there's a chance you were following it already. Now you come here and find out a LOT of pages are missing. Let me be completely honest with you; I wasn't convinced about the way I was approaching this story—I felt exposition was too much, with a low action exchange. Also, the art wasn't that good. Because of that, and because I want to tell this story the best way possible, I decided to reboot the chapter past the epilogue.

I ask you to please bear with me—this doesn't usually happen. Rest assured, I'll try my best to make the following pages as enjoyable as I can possibly can to make it up for you.

I hope you stick along! :D

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