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Another Tuesday, another update! I'm still trying to figure out what's my pace, and seems like three pages-a-week is a fair number. The schedule is currently kind of sporadic, but maybe a Tue-Thu-Sun will work fine, we'll see. I hope you don't mind! :D For this delivery, I bring you names! Our protagonists continue their obligatory expository talk, and here, for the first time, one of our characters get a name: Viktor — Commander Viktor. Yeap folks, we're dealing with a run-off-the-mill spaceship crew here, all with their usual ranks and roles (let's face it — some things just don't change, doesn't matter how far in the future you are.) But hey! It's qualified people for the job, and the events to come, which you've been warned in the first pages. Hope you enjoy the story unfolding in these panels, see you in a few days!

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